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New Visitors Guide

New To The Site?

If this is your first visit to this site you might find some of the information on this page useful.  If you visit the Home Page you will have access to all of the site’s main content, including podcasts, videos, documentaries and blogs. To uncover the content on the site simply scroll down the page – once you get to the bottom of the page click “load more” to reveal even more content. If you want a bit more information and a more curated selection of the site’s content, keep reading this page.


About This Site

This site has been designed to offer history enthusiasts a wealth of informative, educational, and entertaining content.  Whilst I am busily working in the academic world I hope to use this site to communicate my passion for history and American Studies to an audience whose interest in these topics is personal rather than professional.  This site is not a forum for my academic writing – you can find that in various books, articles, papers, etc.  Rather, I intend to use this site to talk about my research with the general public – people who do not work in the academia but who want to learn something new.  To that end I aim to produce a steady stream of content in an array of different media, from blogs to podcasts to documentary films.  I believe that history is at its most exciting when it is part of a wider discussion and I hope that this site will provide non-academics with an opportunity to take part in an open, dynamic dialogue on the subjects which interest them.  On this site you will be able to communicate with me directly via the Contact Page or via the comment section in each individual post.  You can also take part in the discussion by following me on Twitter (@ThatHistorian) and contacting me there.  You will also find a number of short films hosted on sites like Youtube – again, you can talk to me or take part in discussions in the comments section of those websites.  The best way to get take part is to start reading, listening, or watching some of the content on the site.  Here are some things that might interest you:


American Studies and History Podcast Race and American Comics - Film Frontier History Lectures


Lectures about Frontier History

The American Studies and History Podcast

Lectures on the History and Culture of American Comic Books

The Short Documentary Film “Race and Early Superhero Comics, 1938-1945


There is a wide variety of material on the website for you to explore, ranging from some thoughts on early American history to studies of twentieth century popular culture in America. I won’t list everything here but you can find all my posts on the website’s homepage – please feel free to have a look around.  I welcome questions or comments with Twitter being the best venue to contact me and take part in a broader discussion.  Thank you for visiting the site.


About Me

I have been a student of History and American Studies for the best part of a decade though my interest in those subjects dates back much further.  I earned my PhD from the University of Dundee – I currently teach at both that institution and at the University of Edinburgh, another fine Scottish institution of higher education.  My first book, Daniel Boone and Others on the Kentucky Frontier: 1769-1795, was published in 2009 and I am currently preparing for the publication of my second book, American Indian: The Life, Times, and Memoirs of John Tanner in 2013.  I have published articles in peer-reviewed journals and edited collections on a range of topics, from Native American issues to the history and culture of American comic books.  My research interests include early American history, frontier history, Atlantic history, Native American history, and the history of twentieth century popular culture.


How to Read Firsthand Accounts (Primary Sources) of the American Frontier

Start by listening to my reading of Daniel Boone’s autobiography. Once you have listened to that, listen to the two accompanying lectures which will help you to understand what is happening in that source:


Download Boone's Narrative from iTunes

Not got iTunes? Download the Mp3 directly, RIGHT click this text and save the file

Download Boone Lecture #1

Not got iTunes? Download the Mp3 directly, RIGHT click this text and save the file

Download Boone Lecture #2

Not got iTunes? Download the Mp3 directly, RIGHT click this text and save the file

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