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D.W. Griffith’s The Mended Lute – Film + Director’s-style Commentary

The American Studies and History Podcast presents an academic audio commentary on D.W. Griffith's 1909 film, The Mended Lute.  The video below contains the entire 8 minute original film with a new audio commentary track exploring the racist attitudes which sit at the heart of this production.   The Mended Lute ...

Star Trek and the Frontier

Star Trek and the Frontier: Dealing with the Final Frontier’s Problematic Legacy

  The question of appropriate, justifiable, and morally correct military intervention is one that has come crashing to the fore recently with the escalation of the crisis in Syria.  Though this is a relatively new issue, the competing perspectives at the heart of today's debate have been explored in some detail by ...

Some Thoughts on FJT

American Progress: Some Thoughts on Frederick Jackson Turner and the Study of the American Frontier

  For those who don’t know his name, Frederick Jackson Turner is one of the most important and debated figures in the field of American history, particularly frontier studies.  Born in 1861, Turner published his most important and enduring work in 1893 - the ‘Frontier Thesis’ contained in ‘The ...

An Interview with David Boxley

Interview with Native American Tsimshian Artist David Boxley

David Boxley, a Tsimshian artist from Alaska, has been producing high quality pieces of art for over twenty five years.  In that time he has built up an international reputation having produced Totems (and other pieces) for a variety of high profile clients, including the Goodwill Games and, most recently, the Smithsonian ...

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