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Star Wars - Filmic Archaeology

Remaking the Star Wars Holiday Special | Filmic Archaeology | Star Wars Holiday Special Watchable Edition

An exercise in Filmic Archaeology, this post explores the creation of Star Wars: A Holiday Story – a new Star Wars short excavated from the notorious Star Wars Holiday Special. #FilmicArchaeology #Film #History   Often talked about but rarely seen, The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) occupies a special place ...

Looking for Charlie

Looking for Charlie – A documentary about Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and the Suicidal Clowns who inspired them

  Looking for Charlie is a feature length documentary I am making with my fellow historian and filmmaker, Brett Sanders.  The film is a documentary which explores the forgotten lives of a pair of suicidal clowns who inspired Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.  Production of this film has taken Brett and myself ...

The Artist in American History Podcast

The Artist in American History – A Podcast About Art, Gender, Class, and Race in America

  The Artist in American History is a podcast series which explores class, race, and gender in American through the lens of the artist.  This series includes lectures on topics such as race in comic books, gender in Disney movies, and the ways in which modern society is reflected in the fiction we love to ...

Pop Culture Reviews and Analysis

Pop Culture Reviews

In between producing my first feature length documentary and creating content for The Artist in American History podcast series I like to look at new and old films, music, art, and literature.  In these reviews and retrospectives, I look at the themes and ideas from a variety of perspectives.  I cannot tell you if a ...

Daniel Boone and Others - Voices from the American Frontier

Firsthand Accounts of the American Frontier

Discover Firsthand Accounts of the American Frontier Probably the most exciting thing about studying history is the chance to read old documents.  These sources can be problematic, stating one thing whilst implying another, but they nevertheless provide us with our best insight into the past and, as such, they are easily ...

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