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Production Diary #2 - The Breakdown
Production Diary #1
The Interview Review
Voices of the Old Frontier
Looking for Charlie Trailer Debut

Looking For Charlie – Teaser Trailer Debuts

Introducing: Looking for Charlie (+ Teaser Trailer) - Click Play to View   When we think about the most important comedians ...

Pink Floyd - Endless Monotony

Pink Floyd – Endless Monotony (Endless River Review)

Pink Floyd’s The Endless River is not a meaningful album.  Stripped of almost any attempt to engage lyrically, the record falls ...

The Best of Seasons 1 and 2

The Artist in American History – Best of Seasons 1 and 2

First Time Visitors: The Artist in American History is an educational podcast series, featuring lectures and documentaries, by ...

Unfrozen: The History of the Modern Disney Princess

Unfrozen: The Evolution of Walt Disney’s Princesses

Returning Visitors: In the first podcast of 2014, I take a look at the evolution of the Disney Princess over the past twenty five years. New year, a new series of podcasts.  Future episodes currently being developed are "Love, Laughter, and Despair in the Silent Era" (series) and "The Politics of ...

The Tragic Tale of the Suicidal Clown who Influenced Chaplin

The Tragic Tale of Marceline Orbes, the Suicidal Clown Who Influenced Chaplin

Mishaps of Marceline - The Reconstructed Film   The evolution of comedy in early twentieth century America is dominated by names like Chaplin and Keaton but prior to the explosion of those cinematic luminaries, the medium was dominated not by stars of the silver screen but the superstar ...

Why the 'Redskins' is a Racist Name

Why the ‘Redskins’ is a Racist Name

Click 'Play' to Listen to the Lecture   Download Lecture (Right Click and Save) Download from iTunes Subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes For quite some time now there has been a sizable controversy surrounding the name of the Washington Redskins with numerous Native American groups and ...

When Videogames Commit Genocide

Digital Archaeology: Custer’s Revenge Atari 2600 Review

Custer's Revenge Atari 2600 - Video Review, History, and Analysis There are plenty of games which have been proclaimed to be the worst videogame ever made but few stoop to the indefensible depths that Custer’s Revenge on the Atari 2600 achieved.  Even Atari’s E.T., the subject of the ...