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Looking for Charlie World Premiere
The Artist in American History Podcast
Pop Culture Reviews and Analysis
Daniel Boone and Others - Voices from the American Frontier
The Social Significance of Charlie Chaplin's Frontier Fantasy

After the Gold Rush: The Social Significance of Charlie Chaplin’s Frontier Fantasy

This article was written by Darren R. Reid and Brett Sanders - it was originally commissioned and published by National Film ...

Star Wars - Filmic Archaeology

Remaking the Star Wars Holiday Special | Filmic Archaeology | Star Wars Holiday Special Watchable Edition

An exercise in Filmic Archaeology, this post explores the creation of Star Wars: A Holiday Story – a new Star Wars short excavated ...

The Last Jedi - 21st Century Masterpiece

The Last Jedi – 21st Century Masterpiece | Star Wars Critical Review

Far more than the nostalgic re-tread that was J.J. Abrams The Force Awakens, the second entry in the Star Wars sequel trilogy is a ...

How Star Wars Conquered Christmas

How Star Wars Conquered Christmas | A Star Wars Holiday Special

On December 25th 2016, 120 Odeon cinemas opened across the nation to screen a new Star Wars film, Rogue One. On many levels, the very idea seems to offend traditional British sensibilities - unlike in the United States where Christmas day screenings are common, in the UK this is a relatively rare ...

Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissanc

Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance

Perhaps one of the most exciting moments in US history, the Harlem Renaissance was an explosion of art, literature, and performance in New York's Harlem burgh. One of its foremost participants, Langston Hughes, produced some of the greatest poetry of his generation - words which challenged dominant ...

Singals – A New Film About Arbroath and Scotland’s Maritime History

  If there is one thing I could not have predicted fifteen years ago, it was that I would develop such a strong desire to explore the history of my hometown.  Like many disillusioned teenagers who look around and struggle to identify themselves in their surroundings, I was focused upon ...

Seascapes | Photography

Seascapes | Photography | Black and White

Never the same from one moment to the next, the sea presents an ever-changing subject.  Ship, boat, rig, and the self occupy the sea - but the never-still waters also demand attention in their own right.  The human element of the sea is always fleeting and temporary; and so the waters themselves ...

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