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Seascapes | Photography | Black and White

Seascapes - Black and White Photography by Dr. Darren R. Reid

Never the same from one moment to the next, the sea presents an ever-changing subject.  Ship, boat, rig, and the self occupy the sea – but the never-still waters also demand attention in their own right.  The human element of the sea is always fleeting and temporary; and so the waters themselves become a metaphor for the human experience that is had upon them.  In this photo essay, Seascapes, the temporary is captured and preserved, the instant of action (or inaction) that can never be precisely repeated, or witnessed, again.  Framed by the camera lens, these moments cut through not only their own temporal limits, but their spatial ones also.  The camera serves to exclude as much (indeed, more so) as it includes.  Outside of the frame, oceanic activity is implied but never seen; just as change is implied beyond the perceived instant captured by the camera.  Moments of stillness, then, are created from constant movement and change.  The act of photographing the sea implies an appreciation for the individual moment which cannot be appreciated by the human eye alone; the act of viewing the images likewise implies an appreciation for the moments beyond the stillness captured within the frame.


Locations: Scotland (East Coast); The Hague (The Netherlands).


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