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Looking for Charlie Trailer Debut
The Interview Review
Pink Floyd - Endless Monotony
Unfrozen: The History of the Modern Disney Princess
Voices of the Old Frontier
Tracy Chapman Track by Track Review

Tracy Chapman – Debut Album (1988) Track by Track Review

Considering just how vapid and empty so much of the popular music produced during the eighties actually was, Tracy Chapman’s eponymous album from 1988 is something of a revelation.  Utterly timeless in its production, it captured, over the course of its eleven tracks, Chapman’s deep sympathy ...

CFP: Making of the Trans-Appalachian West

CFP: The Making of the Trans-Appalachian West

[caption id="attachment_1424" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Image by Valerius Tygart[/caption]   Call For Papers The Making of the Trans-Appalachian West: Society, Culture, and Peoples, 1754-1832 Edited by Darren R. Reid (Coventry University)   "More than an extension of the ...

Transformers 4 Review

Transformers: Age of Extinction – Textbook Machismo

Transformers 4 drips with misogyny – it practically oozes from the movie’s every pore.  It is an utterly overpowering presence in this film, swamping even the titular transforming robots who serve as the canvas upon which direct Michael Bay paints his deeply, deeply sexist colours.  To be ...

5 Minute History: Charlie Chaplin's Early Years

5 Minute History: Charlie Chaplin’s Early Years | Micro Documentary

Watch the 5-minute history #MicroDocumentary on Charlie Chaplin's early years by clicking play or download the film from iTunes.  Remember to subscribe to The Artist in American History podcast for more open-access educational content.   Charlie Chaplin, one of the earliest auteur's, true ...

Robocop under the Microscope

Robocop Under the Microscope – Critical Review

1987's Robocop was a savage commentary upon the state of western civilisation. In the wake of Happy Days, the Beach Boys's resurgence and, of course, Reagan and Thatcher, the power of conservatism loomed large but just as revolutions are prone to breed their own counterrevolutions, the status quo, ...

Wonder Woman: The Making of a Feminist Superhero

Wonder Woman: The Making of a Feminist Superhero #YesAllWomen | Lecture

Click Here to Download from iTunes   Last year when Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman in the forthcoming superhero mashup movie, Batman V Superman, a shocking large proportion of the online commentaries concerning the news concerned Ms. Gadot’s physical appearance.  Gadot, who is ...

Review: 24 - Live Another Day

Review – 24: Live Another Day | Jack Bauer’s Return

  24 was always a combination politics, propaganda, and entertainment.  Now that the series has returned following a four year absence, we examine what the first episodes in this new run bring to the pop culture table.  Is the show still an ardent supporter of American foreign policy or ...


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