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Production Diary #2 - The Breakdown
Production Diary #1
The Interview Review
Voices of the Old Frontier
Digital Archaeology - E.T. Atari 2600

Digital Archaeology: E.T. Atari 2600

E.T. by Atari is widely regarded as one of the worst videogames ever created.  Based upon the wildly popular film Steven Spielberg, it was made in under six weeks by a single developer working on hardware that was, by 1982 standards, utterly archaic.  The Atari 2600, the console on which the game ...

The Folk Music of the American Civil War

Hard Times Come Again No More – Folk Music of the Civil War

Click 'Play' to Listen to the Lecture   Download Lecture MP3 Download from iTunes Although it is easy to think in terms of division when thinking about the American Civil War, there were experiences which united those on both sides of the divide.  Although the deadliest war in American ...

Theatre and Vaudeville of Chaplin's Youth

Charlie Chaplin’s Theatre and Vaudeville

  The new #5MinuteHistory is out and it explores the theatre of Charlie Chaplin's youth in order raise aware for an endangered British venue, The Coronet.  Although one almost always thinks about cinema when they think of Chaplin, his roots were in the British Music Hall tradition and the ...

Tracy Chapman Track by Track Review

Tracy Chapman – Debut Album (1988) Track by Track Review

Considering just how vapid and empty so much of the popular music produced during the eighties actually was, Tracy Chapman’s eponymous album from 1988 is something of a revelation.  Utterly timeless in its production, it captured, over the course of its eleven tracks, Chapman’s deep sympathy ...

CFP: Making of the Trans-Appalachian West

CFP: The Making of the Trans-Appalachian West

[caption id="attachment_1424" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Image by Valerius Tygart[/caption]   Call For Papers The Making of the Trans-Appalachian West: Society, Culture, and Peoples, 1754-1832 Edited by Darren R. Reid (Coventry University)   "More than an extension of the ...

Transformers 4 Review

Transformers: Age of Extinction – Textbook Machismo

Transformers 4 drips with misogyny – it practically oozes from the movie’s every pore.  It is an utterly overpowering presence in this film, swamping even the titular transforming robots who serve as the canvas upon which direct Michael Bay paints his deeply, deeply sexist colours.  To be ...

5 Minute History: Charlie Chaplin's Early Years

5 Minute History: Charlie Chaplin’s Early Years | Micro Documentary

Watch the 5-minute history #MicroDocumentary on Charlie Chaplin's early years by clicking play or download the film from iTunes.  Remember to subscribe to The Artist in American History podcast for more open-access educational content.   Charlie Chaplin, one of the earliest auteur's, true ...