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Encyclopaedia of American Indian Issues Today – Publication Announcement

Encyclopaedia of American Indian Issues Today

Encyclopaedia of American Indian Issues Today


I am pleased to share with you the news that the Encyclopaedia of American Indian Issues Today, edited by Russell M. Lawson, has been published.  This two volume set, aimed at libraries and educational institutions, contains an article written by myself on the issue of “Fake Indians”.  The piece explores how non-Indians have assumed Native American identities in order to pursue fame, money, and work.  This practice, usually a fringe area of research, has been ongoing for decades.  Perhaps the most famous example was Iron Eyes Cody, the son of two Sicilian parents, who adopted an Indian identity which allowed him to pursue a lucrative career as an actor.  Aside from appearing hundreds of films, Cody starred in the iconic ‘Keep America Beautiful’ campaign in which he, in full Indian costume, appeared to cry when confronted with the sight of a polluted river.  Not only did Cody’s fictitious identity provide him with a long-lived, lucrative niche in Hollywood – it even helped to turn him into a national icon!  For more on this volume please click here to visit the publisher’s website.  For some related articles which you can read on this website:


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