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Da Vinci’s Spraycan is the First 360 Degree Documentary on Street Art

Da Vinci's Spraycan - 360 Degree Documentary on Street Art

A 360° Journey into the World of Street Art and Graffiti

Immerse yourself in a new type of documentary that will give you a glimpse into the underside of modern society.  With its roots in hip-hop (in the U.S.) and punk movements (in Europe), modern graffiti exposes tensions at the heart of our culture.  Conformity versus non-conformity, acceptance versus resistance, culture versus subculture: painted walls are about much more than vandalism.  They are society’s way of having a conversation with itself about power – who has the power to make the rules; who is willing to break them, who is willing to stand up to power.  Street art is subversive…but so too is all great art.  Da Vinci’s Spraycan, from director and historian Dr Darren R. Reid, is a short 360° documentary about power, resistance, graffiti and street art.


A Documentary in 360°

Da Vinci’s Spraycan is the world’s first 360° documentary about street art and graffiti.  A short film from director Darren R. Reid (Looking for Charlie: Death and Suicide in the Silent Era of Film), it offers a unique tour through a secret graffiti ‘gallery’ somewhere in the UK – a derelict factory reclaimed by the people and turned into a grand, artistic canvas.  Rarely seen, the works here have been collected for the first time in 360°, allowing viewers the opportunity to experience one of Britain’s best reclaimed graffiti and street art spaces before it -and the artwork it contains- is destroyed.


Get Fully Immersed in VR

Da Vinci’s Spraycan: A 360 Degree Documentary About Street Art and Graffiti, can be viewed in any modern internet browser – simply start playing the video above and use your mouse (click and drag) to look about the scene in any direction.  You can also view the film via the YouTube app on your smartphone – simply move the phone through the air, aiming it in any direction in order to look around.  For the most complete and immersive experience possible, load your smartphone into a Google Cardboard headset or similar device, select the Google Cardboard icon from within your YouTube app, and experience Da Vinci’s Spraycan as a complete 3D 360 degree documentary.


Going Beyond Da Vinci’s Spraycan

Darren Reid has been researching popular culture and the transmission of ideas (particularly as they relate to ideas about race) for several years and, in the course of that time, has published a number of articles and videos.  Most notably, he is co-writing and co-directing the feature length documentary, Looking for Charlie: Death and Suicide in the Silent Era of Film which is due for release in 2017.  He recently published the article ‘Black Films Matter: Reassessing Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing in Post-Ferguson America’ which looks at the confluence of race, cinema, and street art.


Da Vinci’s Spraycan was originally created to supplement one of Reid’s most innovative modules which he teaches at Coventry University.  The original film –Da Vinci’s Spraycan: The Secret Gallery– was created, shot, edited, and released in 24 hours using nothing more than an iPhone and iPad.  The pilot film was made as part of a ’24 hour film challenge’ but, in spite of the rough quality of the footage captured by the simple equipment, demonstrated that there was more potential in the project.  As a result, Reid returned to the derelict where he shot The Secret Gallery and shot the space in 360 degrees with a view to creating a far more innovative, immersive short film.  The result is the final 360 degree version of Da Vinci’s Spraycan.


Watch the original version of Da Vinci’s Spraycan, produced and released in just 24 hours:

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